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 Deciding on Representation

Buyer/Seller Exclusive Agency:
There are basically two kinds of agents: A Buyer's Agent and a Seller's Agent.
If you are dealing with a Seller's Agent who is the Listing Agent on a home you are interested in purchasing, you are dealing with an agent that has a signed, legal agreement with the SELLER to work first and foremost on his behalf. This Realtor owes his/hers allegiance to the SELLER, not to you!

On the other hand, a BUYER'S AGENT works exclusively for the BUYER, including using his/her professional negotiating skills in the BUYER'S best interests.

Intermediary Agency:
Intermediary Agency is where the Real Estate office assigns different agents for a
Buyer and  Seller.  However, negotiations within the same office dealing
with one person
wanting to sell at the highest possible price and the other person wishing to buy at the lowest acceptable price, offers unique challenges to that organization which sometimes lead to neither party being served as they deserve.

Dual Agency:
A Dual Agency is when an agent represents both parties involved...Buyer and Seller, although the first commitment is always to the Seller.

For more information contact me today or visit the Buying page.

Information About Broker Services

AlphaMax Realty, Inc.

10333 Harwin Dr #415   Houston TX 77036

Direct Phone: 713-465-0524           Mobile: 713-208-5599
        Fax: 713-465-4040



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